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we understand.

that design + construction go hand in hand


About BLACKLINE Design + Construction

Blackline is a full service General Contracting and Architecture firm that was created to improve upon the way in which building projects are brought to fruition. Driven by the experience, knowledge, and values of an experienced group of contractors, architects, and real estate developers, Blackline stands firm in its belief that every project we work on should be thought of as if it were our own building. This means not only considering effeciencies in building and development cost, but it also means considering how every decision made througout the design and construction phases of a project effect not only the immediate construction costs, but also the operational costs, resale value and marketability of the property. Through our approach to the delivery method of projects and the experience of our principals, project managers, and staff, Blackline is able to utilize the design-build method to complete projects in a manner which is more beneficial to our clients than the traditional design-bid-build approach.  Design-build is a method of project delivery in which a single entity provides to the client all of the services necessary to both design and construct the project. Blackline is able to take this one step further through the relationship and expertise of our partner companies in the fields of Real Estate Development and Property Management. What this collaboration means to our clients is that Blackline not only understands design and construction, but we also understand both the short and long term affects of the decisions that are made throughout the process.


While the design-build approach is beneficial to many projects and project types, at Blackline, we understand that many clients still prefer a more traditional approach. No matter our role in a project, whether it be as Architect or as General Contractor, all of our clients receive the highest level of expertise, advice, and knowledge available, all at a value that cannot be matched. Services Provided by Blackline Design + Construction:


General Contracting


Pre-Construction Consulting

Construction Management

Value Engineering

State and Federal Historic Tax Credit Consulting and Brokerage

Development Consulting


With over 65 years of combined construction, architecture, and real estate development experience, the Principals of Blackline Design + Construction have Constructed, Developed, and / or Designed more than 200 historic buildings in St. Louis.


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